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People of all ages are getting hooked with their coin collections. As a matter of fact, even the children are participating actively in colleting every dime and nickel they can get their hands on. There are a lot of reasons why people collect coins. Among the many reasons are:

• A good hobby

• Future investment

• Value of artistry

• Tangible history right at the palm of your hands

• Heirloom treasures

• Uniqueness

• Monetary value (some rare coins are made of very precious metal)

• Sentimental value

Every coin has a story to tell. Every intricate design means something. The historical value of a coin makes it more precious to a coin collector. Collecting coins can either be the cheapest hobby or the most expensive ones (next to collecting cars and yachts). Coins represent something especially when it came from other countries.

According to preference, every gender or age can choose the kinds of coins that they will collect. But as a kid, it will take a lot of convincing from adults to let them grow some interest in collecting. Even if the child wanted so much to get into the hobby, they just don’t possess the means, money and right attention span to pursue it. A teenager can have some interest in the idea but what stops them is the budget and the equipments needed to start the hobby. In adults, they may have the means but may not want to go through the hobby as professionals would do. Whatever the problem may be, here are some suggestions to wake up some sense in you to take into consideration the different accounts of pursuing the hobby.

Child – Low budget or nothing at all

Pay attention little one. You don’t need a hundred bucks to start your coin collection. All you need is a keen eye, a little box where you can put your collected coins, and a lot of interest. You could start by searching for change either inside your pocket or your parents’ (with permission of course), in penny dishes, flea markets or coin shops. You don’t really have to worry if you have nothing to spend for old coins seen in cheap bins for as long as you have something. By the time you get older and your parents are already giving you a small amount of lunch money, you can just save that and by the time that a particular coin interests you, it’ll be your very first bought coin.

Teen – With middling budget

You can already afford something but not that much. And by this time, you already have a proper place like an album to protect your coins with. Some albums are custom-made for collection but if this is too much for you, an ordinary album can be good. By this time, you would want something more than coins. You want rarer ones, coins that only a couple of people have. If the budget agrees, you can buy a book that can identify or price the coins that you have. You can also search through the Internet for coins being auctioned.

Adult – Budget varies

Varies according to the kind of coin that is preferred. Coin collections for adults can be for interest and investment. This is the point where the interest gradually decreases or normally increases and upgrades can be probable. You could search through other places to find for the most unique coin.

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Coin Collecting

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Coin Collecting