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Coin collecting used to be a hobby for the rich. They were the only ones that were able to consider coins art. Everyone else had to use their coins to buy food, clothes and other essentials of life.

But time changes everything and now coin collecting is something anyone can do. Everyone from all economic levels can afford to collect some type of coins. Coins pass through our hands everyday.

What could be easier to collect than something you come into contact with so often?

Old wheat pennies are still in circulation. Buffalo nickels and silver dimes still get used as change everyday. Foreign coins seem to make their way into everyone’s pocket at one time or another. Coins with mint dates that span the century are as common as rain.

Even non-monetary tokens are considered acceptable subjects for coin collections. Instead of wondering what to do with that left over bus token or amusement park token, start collecting them.

Casino chips make colorful collectable items. Start taking those wooden nickels. Add them to your collection of coins with no monetary value.

If you’re looking for a collecting hobby to start, but don’t have a lot of cash to put into it, coin collecting can be the perfect choice. A few dollars worth of change can get you a nice start on a great coin collection.

And the best part is, you may not even have to go any further than into your pocket to start it.

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Coin Collecting

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Coin Collecting